‘The Perfect Location’ has a new Set to Wow couples with its Terrific Tuscany Vibe

Situated hours away from the bustling lanes of New Delhi, ‘The Perfect Location’ is a popular photography studio for pre-wedding photo shoots in in Faridabad that offers indoor and outdoor studio spaces with contemporary, quirky, traditional and artsy backdrops.

With its growing popularity, the pre-wedding photography hotspot, ‘The Perfect Location’ recently launched a new set – The Tuscany Street – which features floral décor, bar, a Pizzeria corner and cobbled streets, all beautifully done in rustic brick and textured walls to bring alive the authentic feel of Tuscany in India. Three lucky couples were invited to the gorgeous location where they were captured by ace photography duo Aastha and Gaurav from Hitched & Clicked. Here, they share their story and experiences…

Maheema and Varun

“I met the love of my Varun life when I least expected it! I have become a much more peaceful person after being with him. When we heard we were selected for the shoot, we couldn’t be happier as we always wanted to capture moments of our love through beautiful pictures. The Tuscany Street set at ‘The Perfect Location’ was fabulous, and to add to that, we shot just months before our wedding which made the whole pre-wedding photo shoot experience extra special. I can confidently say that we will reminisce these memories forever!”

Maheema and Varun for a Pre-wedding Photo Shoot at 'The Perfect Location', Faridabad

Maheema and Varun for a Pre-wedding Photo Shoot at 'The Perfect Location', Faridabad

Maheema and Varun for a Pre-wedding Photo Shoot at 'The Perfect Location', Faridabad

Maheema and Varun for a Pre-wedding Photo Shoot at 'The Perfect Location', Faridabad

Pranjali and Mrinal

“We were neighbors and had played with each other since we were kids. But destiny had other plans, and our families decided to move to a different locality only to meet years later as neighbors again. I remember we met again at 19 and started talking, soon realizing that we were madly in love. The pre-wedding photo shoot was just a positive reminder of our special bond as friends and lovers.”

Pranjali and Mrinal for a Pre-wedding Photo Shoot at 'The Perfect Location', Faridabad

Pranjali and Mrinal for a Pre-wedding Photo Shoot at 'The Perfect Location', Faridabad

Pranjali and Mrinal for a Pre-wedding Photo Shoot at 'The Perfect Location', Faridabad

Pranjali and Mrinal for a Pre-wedding Photo Shoot at 'The Perfect Location', Faridabad

Heena and Dipanshu

“I meet Heena at a friend’s luncheon and was instantly attracted to her. In a matter of hours, we realized that we had much more in common than expected. We spoke often and soon realized that we were made for each other. Even distance couldn’t lead us apart and after mere days, I proposed to her to which she readily agreed to marry me. The pre-wedding photoshoot at the charming The Tuscany Street was a beautiful prelude to our impending wedding.”

Heena and Dipanshu for a Pre-wedding Photo Shoot at 'The Perfect Location', Faridabad

Heena and Dipanshu for a Pre-wedding Photo Shoot at 'The Perfect Location', Faridabad

Heena and Dipanshu for a Pre-wedding Photo Shoot at 'The Perfect Location', Faridabad

Website: www.theperfectlocation.in

Location: The Perfect Location, Faridabad

Makeup Artist: Manleen Puri

Hairstylist: Kalyug Arjun

Styling: Styledarzi by Nidhi Sharma

Purple Gown: Applique by Astha Khanna

Photo Courtesy: Hitched and Clicked

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Jill and Kunal’s Platinum Day of Love

Love Actually, Precious Platinum– Feb 28, 2017

Our initiative Love Actually is a pre-wedding photo shoot series that captures the beautiful moments between couples in the most stunning locations across Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai. The feature showcases couples who actively seek ideas and inspiration from WeddingSutra as they celebrate their eternal journey together.

Jill was introduced to Kunal by her parents and the couple first met at a gorgeous restaurant in Mumbai. Jill says, “It was a typical arranged marriage set up. We exchanged thoughts and knew something was brewing when we continued to chat even after the meeting was over.”

Jill and Kunal's Pre-wedding Shoot at InterContinental, Marine Drive

Kunal, a banker, was transferred to Bangalore shortly after their first meeting but he kept flying into Mumbai to meet his girl. “Nothing was decided,” Jill remembers, “We’d speak on the phone and meet when he was in Mumbai. We were just getting to know each other and were more like friends than anything else.”

But Cupid struck. And there’s no love like that brought on by laughter. “It was my birthday,” Jill smiles, “Instead of taking me out on a ‘romantic’ date and showering me with gifts, Kunal took me to a comedy show. It was really a special thought and it helped us break the ice and as we got talking, we weren’t awkward with each other anymore.” Kunal however already knew he’d met the girl of his dreams and told his family he wanted to marry her.

The couple will be married soon and have made sure they’re equally involved in the wedding process, even divvying up the responsibilities between both families to save time, effort and enjoy the wedding.

A pre-wedding shoot was just what this couple’s busy schedule demanded. Set in the dreamy environs of the Intercontinental, Marine Drive, a day away from the wedding chaos meant this couple could retreat into a romantic world of their own.

A little pampering was also much appreciated! “I am so happy that the team chose us for the shoot. Makeup Artist Johann Arora made me feel like a complete princess. And the photographer Vrutika Doshi was so much fun to shoot with. The venue was by far the biggest treat. We shot at Dome at the InterContinental which offered some breathtaking views of the Queen’s necklace. The venue beautifully captured the subtle romance between us and also gave the pre-wedding photo shoot a very dreamy setting.”

Ahead of their formal engagement ceremony, the platinum love bands were the perfect symbols to celebrate their pre-wedding shoot with WeddingSutra. “The platinum bands are special. They remind us of the undying friendship and eternal bond we share. And the shoot was very special too- this would not have been possible without the brilliant WeddingSutra team and I cannot thank them enough for letting us experience this beautiful moment together,” Jill smiles.

If you’re getting married in 2017 and would like to be a part of ‘Love Actually’ write to weddingsutra@gmail.com with the link to your Facebook profiles, wedding date and ‘How you met’ story. Selected couples will be invited for the shoots in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Chennai.

Location: InterContinental, Marine Drive

Platinum Love Bands: Kama Platinum

Makeup and Hair: Johann Arora

Photography: Vrutika Doshi

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Nisha and Snehal’s styled photo shoot in Chennai

In celebration of Snehal’s first visit to Chennaiand their first wedding anniversary, Nisha and Snehal decided to have a beautiful styled photo shoot.

Nisha lived in Chennai for four years, “They were the best years of my life. The city nurtured me. And it was Snehal’s first visit so the memory needed to be framed in a special way.” The couple decided to document the moment with a styled photo-shoot by The Memory Writers. The idea was to explore the streets of Chennai together and there was another facet to the plan, “The shoot coincided with our first anniversary making it a special celebration.”

Nisha and Snehal
Nisha and Snehal

There were also a few other reasons. Nisha grins, “Snehal was visiting the motherland after nine years, so it was a big deal. Also, we wanted to hold true to the promise our lifestyle blog ‘Yin Yang On Fleek’ makes, to celebrate and document life with all its happy moments. And last but by no means least, we had to also celebrate Snehal growing his long iconic ‘Ranveer Singh’ inspired moustache.”

Nisha and Snehal

Nisha says, “We did most of our shoot in Mylapore, one of the oldest cultural hubs in Chennai. We’ve always been in awe of the remarkable architecture in India – whether it was monuments or places of worship. Temples in Chennai have a distinctive character that reflects the beautiful heritage of South India. We visited the Kapaleeshwar temple in Mylapore. Each sculpture on its roof was so unique. We walked through the bustling temple streets packed with vendors, worshipers and by-standers. The shopkeeper at one of the flower shops near the temple was so excited to be in one of our frames, he thought he was going to be on TV!”

Nisha and Snehal

The couple then made their way to other Chennai landmarks, “The San Thome Basilica is a majestic Roman Catholic church built by Portuguese explorers in the 16th century and is a must visit. Chennai prides itself on its amazing beaches and Marina definitely tops the charts amongst locals!”

The couple wore Indian outfits and Nisha admits she had her favorites chalked out, ” I have had a serious obsession with brocade lehengas and that had to make its way into our shoot.”

Nisha and Snehal

It wasn’t all that easy though. Nisha and Snehal had a super tight schedule. With only three days in the city (with a wedding to attend), they had only half a day free to shoot. But Nisha says their time constraints posed little challenge for their enthusiastic photographers, “Our photographers jumped right on board and were open to the idea of a sun rise shoot. Exhausted from the wedding festivities, with stuffy cold noses, we ventured out at 6 am for our shoot. We could barely keep our eyes open, but tried to look pretty in our clicks!” What the couple got was an intense four hour guided tour of the city, “with the added advantage of getting beautiful images after!”

Nisha and Snehal

Nisha and Snehal

Nisha left with not just the gorgeous pictures as memories, “All in all, our experience was nothing short of wonderful! We were happy we squeezed in the time to do the photo-shoot despite a crazy itinerary during our travels. We now have beautiful memories of a lifetime from Chennai! The images also made a great addition to our lifestyle blog. A win-win on all fronts!”

Nisha and Snehal

Photos Courtesy- The Memory Writers


Navina Bole and Karran Jeet’s Platinum Day of Love

Love Actually, Precious Platinum– Feb 23, 2017

Our initiative Love Actually is a photo series that captures the most beautiful moments between couples in picturesque locations across Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai. It features couples who actively seek ideas and inspiration from WeddingSutra as they celebrate their eternal journey together.

Navina and Jeet
Navina and Jeet

Here’s inspiration to hit the gym. Popular television actress Navina Bole better known as ‘Tia Kapoor’ on Star Plus daily Ishqbaaaz noticed fellow actor Karran Jeet staring at her in the gym, “but we never really spoke,” she says. However, it was just a matter of time before they cheekily said hello to each other and started talking. It took Navina a little while to realize that Karran had a massive crush on her, “He even loved following my daily soap,” she grins.

Navina and Jeet
Navina and Jeet

But Karran was being wary. He’d just come out of a bad relationship and wasn’t ready to jump into a new one. “Our relationship grew gradually,” Navina explains, “We eventually became the best of friends. When he confessed that he was not open to the idea of a relationship because of his bad experience, I didn’t want to pressurize him.”

Navina and Jeet
Navina and Jeet

Leaving it to destiny did the trick. After three months of knowing each other, they both realized this was more than a friendship. Karran was shy and so Navina decided to gently suggest a step forward, “It was not a formal proposal but I thought that we could give this a try.” There was no looking back! “He is the best thing that happened to me!” she smiles.

Navina and Jeet
Navina and Jeet
Navina and Jeet

Navina’s all about the thoughtful gestures and cherishes Karran’s reaction to a very special birthday present, “I had a box customized for him with messages from his near and dear ones. The cover of the box was inscribed with the name ‘Gooey’, his pet and the apple of his eye. I remember, he was so overwhelmed and happy when he got it. It was truly a magical moment for me.”

Navina and Jeet

With the wedding just a month away, the lovely couple is busy putting finishing touches to their wedding decor and dividing responsibilities equally between both families.

With the lovely actress’s rigorous shoot schedules, the pre-wedding shoot at Jade Garden in Worli was the perfect mini-getaway for the lovebirds who got to spend some quality time together. “It was a wonderful shoot and very well- coordinated. What made it extra special was that it was on Valentine’s Day! And let’s not forget that hanging out on the expansive lawns and lush greenery at the venue made everything seem calm and relaxed.”

Navina and Jeet

And the couple adored photographer Dev Purbiya. “He was so much fun to shoot with,” Navina enthuses, “He got the best candid moments between us. Special shout out to make up artist Kajol Paswwan too who did a fabulous job and made us both look simply beautiful!”

As they looked into each other’s eyes, fingers entwined, each touching the other’s platinum love bands, Navina said, “Our relationship is eternal and platinum love bands are beautiful proof of this. We really thank WeddingSutra for such a lovely experience.”

Navina and Jeet
Navina and Jeet

WeddingSutra wishes Navina and her beau Karran all the love and happiness forever.

If you’re getting married in 2017 and would like to be a part of ‘Love Actually’ write to weddingsutra@gmail.com with the link to your Facebook profiles, wedding date and ‘How you met’ story. Selected couples will be invited for the shoots in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Chennai.

Location – Jade Garden, Worli

Platinum Love Bands – Kama Platinum

Jewelry – Gehna Jewellers

Makeup and Hair – Kajol Paswwan

Photography – Dev Purbiya

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Lakmé Bridal Stylist showcases Majestic Flair – a beautiful bridal look

Bridal Fashion and Beauty– Feb 23, 2017

Lakmé Salon has been transforming brides into visions of perfection for a really long time. This season, along with ‪#‎LakmeBridalStylists‬ and Payal Khandwala, they have dreamt up stunning bridal looks under the themes Imperial Ruby, Supreme Ruler, Regal Charm, and Crowning Glories. Showcased here is one of the bridal looks that caught our eye.

Majestic Flair


A neat upstyle bun forms the crown of this look. Gentle weaves of blonde highlights and swirls of hair extensions are elegantly pinned at the top, which can also be embellished with hair accessories as a finishing touch.


Bringing to life the flair of powerful women, this look blends magnetic shades of gold and black with subtle hues of pink. For eyes that command attention, a smooth gradient of copper-gold adds a smoky effect, while softly smudged kohl and bold lashes are styled to captivate. Complementary shades of orange and pink form a perfectly strobed base for dewy skin and lips, subtly enhancing this look


A pop of pink on the nails adds a stunning touch to this look. Silver diamante are embellished to form attractive bows, topped with glitter and metallic art, complementing the colour palette.

Lakmé Bridal Stylist showcases Majestic Flair


Pout Pretty in Lakmé Absolute Argan Oil Lip Colors

Bridal Fashion and Beauty– Feb 21, 2017

Flaunt luscious lips this wedding season with Lakmé Absolute’s newly launched Argan Oil Lip Colors.

The new range of nourishing lipsticks brings together the best of both worlds- color and nourishment. As the name suggests, the hero ingredient in the new lipsticks is ‘Argan Oil’, known as ‘Liquid Gold’ in the beauty world. It is an ingredient that has shown its wondrous effects when it comes to skincare and haircare, and now Lakmé has added the miracle ingredient for the first time to cosmetics.

WeddingSutra has put together inspiration hacks for you to add rich tints to your nourished pouts this wedding season with Lakme Absolute Argan Oil and look like these Bollywood divas.

Wear the ‘Buttery Caramel’ shade like PriyankaChopra

Lakme Absolute Argan Oil Lip Color - 'Buttery Caramel' shade

Wear the ‘Soaked Berries’ shade like Deepika Padukone

Lakme Absolute Argan Oil Lip Color - 'Soaked Berries' shade

Wear the ‘Soft Nude’ shade like Kareena Kapoor

Lakme Absolute Argan Oil Lip Color - 'Soft Nude' shade

Wear the ‘Juicy Plum’ shade like Alia Bhatt

Lakme Absolute Argan Oil Lip Color - 'Juicy Plum' shade

Grab these shades with a gorgeous gold packaging at a store near you at INR 750/-


“I Give” when “I do” – Couples who used their Wedding for the greater good

Wedding Planning– Feb 20, 2017

As weddings get larger than life featuring glamorous rehearsals and lavish after-parties, four families decided to share their happiness with the less fortunate. Donating their wedding budgets to noble causes, they proved that love begets love and created precious memories in the hearts of grateful strangers.

Abhay Deware and Priti Kumbhare, Amravati, India

In a country where weddings are big bucks with an estimated 1 lakh crore spent each year, Abhay Deware and Priti Kumbhare decided to buck the trend. Inspired by a meeting with President Pranab Mukherjee who urged them to promote social change, this Amravati based couple chose to spend their wedding budget by changing peoples’ lives.

Abhay’s father, a farmer himself, was well acquainted with the sufferings of his people. The family decided to donate Rs 20,000 to 10 families in their area where the main breadwinner had committed suicide. In addition, they also donated Rs 52,000 to support five libraries in their native village, Umbarda Bazaar in Karanja Lad to motivate the villagers to educate their children.

The nicest touch was that the wedding décor featured inspirational posters and banners inspiring every guest to do their bit!

Abhay Deware and Priti Kumbhare

Fethullah Üzümcüoğlu and Esra Polat, Turkey

Fethullah Üzümcüoğlu and Esra Polat threw a big, fat Turkish wedding with a 4,000 strong guest list! Except, the guests were all Syrian refugees who had fled their country 4 years ago when the civil war began.

Arranged in collaboration with Kimse Yok Mu, a Turkish charity agency that provided food trucks and other help facilities, the wedding dinner brought joy and happiness not just to the refugees but to the families celebrating the wedding! And not only was the couple’s initiative widely acknowledged in the media but their friends also vowed to follow Fethullah and Esra’s steps to help Syrian refugees in need.

Fethullah Üzümcüoğlu and Esra Polat

Nishkaam and Poonam, Santa Monica, USA

After ten years of a beautiful courtship, Nishkaam Mehta and Poonam Kaushal decided to tie the knot. But even in their joy, the Santa Monica based couple couldn’t get Aleppo out of their minds. Deeply saddened by the plight of children affected by violence, the couple decided to start an app called ‘Share The Meal’ that would provide millions of starving school children with sustenance.

They used the $20,000 they had saved for their wedding to provide 40,000 school meals through their app, taking care of kids’ nourishment for up to a year. Poonam and Nishkaam now plan to take their initiative further by setting up a target of 1 million meals before the end of February this year.

Nishkaam and Poonam

Jitendra Patel, Gujarat

With the admirable ambition of destroying the age-old taboo of not inviting widows to a wedding, Gujarat-based businessman Jitendra Patel broke all norms when he invited an unprecedented 1800 widows from the neighboring villages of Banaskantha, Mehsana, Sabarkantha, Patan and Aravalli to bless his son Ravi and his bride. He arranged a special dinner for all of them and personally presented them with blankets and saplings. For about 800 widows from very poor families, Mr Patel had a special surprise, he gifted them a cow! Now that’s a wonderful start to a journey of love.

Jitendra Patel, Gujarat


Raul’s Romantic Flashmob Proposal to Jessica at La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

Wedding Photography & Films– Feb 17, 2017

He created quite a song and dance about his wedding proposal, and she could not believe the surprise that awaited her. See how Raul and Jessica got into the groove at Barcelona, Spain.

How we met

Raul shares, “I was born in Spain, and Jessica was born in the small country of Andorra. Our first contact was made through the former social network Hi5 about 10 years ago in a group named “SindhiSpain”. We became friends back then but lost the contact for few years. We then met each other for the first time in person at an event in 2010. She was even more beautiful and charming in person. We started talking every day and I felt a big connection with her. We could talk for hours and never get tired. I realized that I wanted her to be in my life forever, so one day I decided to ask her out in an original way. I was afraid and nervous that I’d not be able to say any words, so I printed the following message on a white T-shirt ‘ ‘Jessica, will you go out with me?’ and wore it under my jacket. When she saw the message, she had the happiest face I ever saw on her. I decided that I wanted that smile on her each day of our lives together. Through this time, Jessica has become my best friend. She has made me a better person and the luckiest man in the world.”

The Proposal

Jessica recalls, “I did not even have a small hint about what was going to happen. Raul told me we were going to have lunch with his sister. But when we arrived at the park next to the ‘Sagrada Familia’ in Barcelona, there were a few cameras filming some professional dancers. Raul wanted to go in between them and I was refusing, as I did not want to disturb their filming. I would never have guessed that all that was actually for me. Suddenly he ran to dance with them and about 25 more people came from behind. When I had a look at them, I realized that they were all our friends. They were dancing to Bruno Mars’ ‘Marry You’ song and I could not believe what was happening. I was in shock, happy and excited at the same time. After the dance our parents appeared, which was unbelievable for me. Raul knelt in front of everyone and asked me if I wanted to marry him. And my answer was undoubtedly ‘Yes, yes, and hundred times more yes.’ I felt like the luckiest girl in the world.”

WeddingSutra wishes Jessica and Raul a lifetime of happiness together.


7 Unique Wedding Invitations from Our Favorite Invite Designers

From a traditional kalamkari inspired wedding card showcasing a bride’s accomplishment as a Bharatnatyam dancer to a quirky hot-pink one that evokes wild bougainvillea, we chose the most aesthetically designed wedding invites that seep deep in the narrative!

Of Traditions and Culture

With floral patterns interwoven with traditional elements, this wedding invitation card by
Itchha Talreja showcased South Indian culture and paid tribute to the bride, a classical dance exponent. Itchha Talreja explains, “The family wanted their unique tastes and culture mirrored on the wedding card. The bride is a trained Bharatnatyam dancer and wanted us to include that in the marriage invite. We decided to embellish the card with a temple watermark, gold bells, diyas, chandeliers and filigree horses to reflect the unique flavor of a South Indian Wedding.”

For more information, visit Itchha Talreja on WeddingSutra Favorites

Wedding Invitations

A walk through a Vintage Garden

Weddings are about memories and this particular invite by Kankotriwas meant to evoke visions of paradise on earth that transcended time using dreamy water color paintings and wild bougainvillea. Wedding Invite Designer Meen Vora says, “The bride wanted to take her guests back to a vintage garden of bougainvillea shrubs, in an Indian setting. We did a lot of research into every detail specified by the bride. She wanted something very mystic, serene and romantic that guests would safely treasure as a beautiful memoir.”

For more information, visit Kankotrion WeddingSutra Favorites

Wedding Invitations

Pop Culture and Art

The days of cliché elephants, lotuses and peacocks as motifs are gone. Ramya Ramaswamy has earned a great reputation from her quirky wedding invitation cards. Here, the talented wedding invite designer took the couple’s passion for football and dance and projected it with an edgy pop culture twist. Designed to resemble a boarding pass, the invitation was inscribed with Warli art. Says Ramya, “The couple wanted the wedding invitation to reflect their personalities and look classy. The bride was a trained Bharatnatyam dancer and the groom, a crazy football fan. We fused both their personalities in a traditional Kalamkari style to give a modern twist to the color palette.”

For more information, visit Kards on WeddingSutra Favorites

Wedding Invitations

Luxury and Extravagance

This masterpiece by Ozel Designs elevates the joy and anticipation of receiving an invitation. Couched in a luxurious box that contains jars of rose cashews, silver rock candy, Kesar and black currant almonds with customized name labels, it is sexy and delightful. Wedding Invitation Designer Dipansh Bhasin explains, “The bride and the groom wanted to make the guests feel truly special and thus, this arty box was designed to reflect the sheer luxury and splendor of their wedding. The entire invite was embossed in rose quartz paper and even had event inserts printed in real gold.”

For more information, visit Ozel Designs on WeddingSutra Favorites

Wedding Invitations

Tagore and Physics

Ipshita is from Kolkata and Som is from Bihar and their wedding invitation card combined art and literature from their hometowns. The design team at Pink Whistle Man managed this brilliantly! Founder Ranjani says, “We wanted to steer clear of the stereotypical ‘Two States’ references. So we decided to include ancient letters of Rabindranath Tagore with Madhubani illustrations using Math and Physics equations. To add to the keepsake value of the wedding invitation, a bookmark (since they are also voracious readers) with the caricatures of the couple was also used to tie the invitation together.” The quirky wedding card not only provided a succinct overview of their interests to their guests but was also reflected in matching wedding stationery.

For more information, visit Pink Whistle Man on WeddingSutra Favorites

Wedding Invitations

Cartoon Striped Epiphany!

A funny love story asks for a funny invitation. The creative team at Ponz Happy Life Designs wanted to bring the couple’s humorous take on the start of their journey to the guests. Wedding Card Designer Ponmozhi explains, “We were surprised when we heard that the groom hadn’t even had a chance to meet the bride alone even once! So we took the idea further by designing a cartoon-strip invitation with realistic sketches that includes the family members and venue descriptions. The highlight was the customized envelope that slowly unveiled their hilarious love story which I am sure would have left their guests in splits!”

For more information, visit Ponz Happy Life Designs on WeddingSutra Favorites

Wedding Invitations

The Royal Elegance

Wedding invitations tell a story and set the tone for the celebration. To create a truly memorable experience, Natalie Mankani from Sketch Design Studio came up with a Mughal- inspired theme to celebrate Nayantara and Ali’s wedding at the Taj Falaknuma in Hyderabad. Inspired by the Nawabi splendor Natalie carved the couple’s love story out in gold patterns and floral work designs for their Sangeet, Nikaah, and Walima ceremony invites.

For more information, visit Sketch Design Studio on WeddingSutra Favorites

Wedding Invitations

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If you’d like to share your Unique Wedding Invite, email us at weddingsutra@gmail.com